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VMC 100

VMC 100
VMC 100 - automatic machine manufactured by Köra Packmat (Germany) for wrapping cards in foil, sealing method - heat sealing, 120 cards per minute
Full description

Compact wrapping machine for wrapping ISO cards and same sized leaflets.

The VMC 100 is a very compact wrapping machine for wrapping ISO cards and same sized leaflets.

Constantly heated sealing knives in combination with water cooled film clamps produce straight, thin and strong seals.

The VMC 100 is equipped with a in-house developed and produced friction feeder that feeds cards reliably and accurately.

Types of wrapping:

  • Forgery-proof packaging of single cards or bag chains of up to 25 cards per pile

  • With or without a brochure: Max. pack height 4 mm

  • Individual cards completely sealed or open on the narrow side (sleeve)


  • Pulsed product feed to a semi-tubular film, 90° arrangement, relative to the film feed direction. Collating the cards and brochures on a collating machine with feeders electrically heated sealing knife for sealing and separating the packages, equipped with water cooled holding down devices for permanently good sealing quality.

  • Piling of single cards or bag chains by means of a piling module followed by a flighted belt conveyor

Programmable Logic Control:

  • Operator guidance and status display by 4-line LC display

  • Editing and input keys for entering values into operator menus or for acknowledging messages Operating keys for START, STOP, Reset and Emergency Stop

  • Operating mode Manual, JOG, Cycle and AUTO

  • Display or modification of operating parameters

  • Choice of 2 operator languages

  • Status diagnosis and fault messages

  • Fault message indication by way of signal lamp and plain text message

  • Electric and electronic plug-type connections.

  • Siemens 57 PLC control unit
  • pack of ISO CR-80 cards
  • packing flyers
  • combined package 5 - 25 pcs
  • perforation
  • product thickness 0.8 mm
  • total thickness of the packaged product 4 mm
  • complete packaging or sleeve packaging
  • production speed 90 - 120 pcs / min.
  • high speed friction feeder
  • max. pile height 580 mm
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