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Otto Kuennecke CASSilo

Otto Kuennecke CASSilo
CASSilo is a modular high-performance equipment manufactured by Otto Kuennecke, designed for packaging plastic cards in mailing form and in an envelope.
Full description

CASSilo-The beginningof a newgenerationin cardmailing.

Otto Künnecke has developed a new card mailing system based on the request of many customers and a strong demand of the market. This machine is designed to fill a gap between the solid high range products and the small, most of the time not reliable card affixing systems. 

The CASSILOis designed to:

•Run in a 24/7 environment

•Use nearly all kind of data input

•Use existing templates and data file structures

•Reach more than 3000 cards/h

•Work with various types of paper input: cut-sheet, continuous and printer

•Use different print conditioning software including MS –Word

•Be totally flexible with the easiest set-up and very operator friendly

•To use cheapest consumables

•To be upgraded from small to big, fully scalable and modular

  • Max. power consumption10 kW
  • Average current16 A
  • Voltage400 V
  • Frequency50 Hz
  • Air pressure6 bar
  • Air flow rate250 l/min
  • Noise emission72-75 dB (A)
  • Dimensionsfrom 4,00 m²
  • Room temperature20-25 °C
  • Air humidity~45-60 %
  • Weightfrom 500 kg

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