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Otto Kuennecke CASSera

Otto Kuennecke CASSera

The CASSera system is an inexpensive industrial equipment for attaching cards to a mailing form, folding the mailing form and enclosing it in an envelope.
Full description

To offer a system that meets the requirements of the low budget segment, Otto Künnecke has enlarged the family of the Card Attachment Secure Systems with a new machine concept called CASSera.

With a throughput of up to 2000 cards/h, it is the perfect solution for small to medium sized applications. The CASSera can also be used as a back-up machine for existing OK systems. As the smallest version of the CASS series, it has a compact design and represents the first real heavy-duty 24/7 industrial mailing machine in this price segment.

High-quality materials and its sturdy design guarantee a long service life and offer a high investment security. Its operator friendliness helps reduce setup times. The CASSera is able to either run offline with single-sheet feeder or online with single-sheet printer and due to its modularity, it can be easily upgraded from a small variant with carrier printing and card attachment to a big solution including folding, enclosure feeding and inserting modules without any problems. It can be equipped with various reading devices.  As the only system in the card business, the CASSera can process a range of formats between C6 long to C4. 

The CASSera offers the reliability of the high-end card mailing machines for a price of a small mailer.

Form feeding Online

• Cut sheet printer Offline

• Cut sheet feeder

Card processing

• Up to 2 input magazines

• Reading of chip, mag-stripe, barcode, OCR and contactless chip

Card attachment

• Up to 2 different cards can be attached

• Selective card attachment

variable - up to 7200 envelopes per hour

Type of packaging
Paper envelope with dextrin glue on the flap, flap on the long side, the presence of a window

Thickness of all attachments
up to 6 mm

Acoustic noise level
~ 72 dB (A)

Working conditions
Temperature - 20 - 25 ° C Humidity 60%

Electrical parameters
Average current - 16 A Voltage - 220 V Frequency - 50/60 Hz
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