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Individual packaging for cards is used when it is necessary to protect the cards from mechanical impact, as well as from unauthorized access. This method is widely used for packaging SIM cards, Internet and telephone cards, loyalty cards and other cards entering the retail network.

The method of sealing into the film by ultrasound allows you to create high-performance systems designed for large volumes of production. In addition, the seams of the packaging may have a complex pattern, which serves as additional protection against counterfeiting. This drawing can be designed individually for the customer, for example, include the name of the company, or the brand of the product.

Packaging for plastic cards is necessary in banks when delivering card products to customers using a postal or courier service. The equipment for packaging plastic cards in an envelope allows you to pack not only one or several cards, but also additional attachments, for example, information leaflets or booklets.

Packaging of plastic cards in envelopes can be carried out both with the help of special modules included in the complexes for personalization of cards, and on stand-alone equipment.

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