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CardSeal 2

CardSeal 2
New machine generation:  High-speed card wrapping machine CardSeal 2 with state-of-the-art ultrasonic sealing technology
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CardSeal 2 is the successor of the global best seller CardSeal, which has set standards in the card industry since its first introduction in 2000. Simplified controls and intelligent drive technology provide a maximum of operator friendliness. 

High speed CardSeal 2 machines allow customers to pack CR80 format cards and leaflets of the same format such as prepaid phone cards, internet cards, loyalty cards, SIM cards.

Products can be wrapped either as single packs or as linked packs.

The 4-sided ultrasonic sealing system creates intricate patterns on the seals. These patterns, which can be generic or customized (e.g. with end customer name), provide maximum protection against fraud and can be used to add a helpful marketing feature to the package created.

CardSeal 2 machines have a modular design and can be linked to different types of overwrapping machines. Additional accessories can be integrated such as camera monitoring systems to provide a 100% quality control and labeling units to add information on the packages.
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