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CGM-400 Otto Künnecke

CGM-400 Otto Künnecke
Collation system for middle-sized to large volumes
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The CGM 400 is a unique and highly efficient solution for collating individual layer films before the laminating process. It is the ideal solution for all card manufacturers and with its various advantages and features it ensures significant cost savings and material savings. 

The CGM 400 was developed especially for the production of small and middle-sized volumes. It offers the advantages of a semi-automatic collating system and still remains inexpensive and effective. A CGM 400 can substitute up to four manual collation tables and can therefore, as a rule, offer a return of investment within 12 months or less. The operation of the equipment is uncomplicated; an operator positions core sheets on the feeder table and adjusts them with the help of the provided guide pins. Afterwards the films are automatically welded together and pushed between the overlay films which are supplied from a roll. If overlays with a magnetic stripe are used, these are automatically brought into the right position. The finished set is spot-welded, trimmed and stacked.

Standard core sheets and overlay foils

  • Card foils made from PVC, PC, ABS, PET and others
  • Different thermoplastics

Throughput Up to 400 Sets per hour (depending on sheet format and operator skill)
Operators needed    1
Precision +/- 0,15 mm
Footprint ca. 1,8 x 3,6 x 1,8 m
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