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New 450 G, 450 F, 430 G, 425 F Lasers

We are pleased to inform our dear clients about new laser engraving modules for MX Series systems. They are equipped with new air-cooled fiber-optic lasers. Entrust company offers the following modules:

Laser 450 G/Laser 450F for MX9100/8100/6100;

Laser 430G/Laser 425F for МХ2100/1100

G means the government applications. These lasers engrave high-quality grayscale photos based on the new Precision Control Architecture (PCA). The technology is the new hardware and software integration that provides more precise laser control. It allows sharper edges, enhanced contrast, marking in very small, very precise locations. One can engrave ghost images, MLI/CLI, Laser Tact, etc.

F means financial application. These lasers are for alphanumeric data and static bitmap images (logos). There are simple user-friendly setups within CIS that allow operators to switch from one job to another. It is possible to engrave PVC, polycarbonate, and metal cards.

One can upgrade already installed equipment with 350 and 325 modules with new 450F and 425F modules. Laser 450G and Laser 430G cannot be ganged with Laser 350 or Laser 325 as the output may not be identical. G and F lasers can be used in the same system.

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