BGI051H Manual chip implanting text_description
  • The desktop compact BGI051Н equipment is for the smart card production ins small quantities according to the ISO 7816. One can use it for chip implanting. There can be card bodies from different plastics (PVC, ABS, PC, PE, etc.) with cavities.
    For example, it is possible to mill cavities on BGI051U equipment. Chips have to be with the thermo glue tape. It is possible to use BGI139 for the thermo glue tape application. One can use chip punch equipment to cut chips from the film, for example BGI062. Operator feeds prepared bodies and chips manually. The advantage is the user friendly interface based on the touch screen. One can create and save up to 30 programs. The equipment works without external computer. It is possible to implant chips with contact plate of any size (11.8 х 13 mm, 10.8 х 13 mm, 8.32 х 11 mm, etc.) to standard thickness bodies and to thicker bodies.

    • Implanting to other form factors, to ID3 format cards (125 x 88 mm), SIM cards.
    • Cold glue (potting) available for smart objects: battery, display, button, etc.
    • Additional implanting heads
    • Speed – up to 600 CPH depending on operator skills and the equipment configuration
    • Accuracy: Х and Y axis - +/-0.025 mm
    • Tip rotation speed: 11000 - 25000 RPM
    • Dimensions
    • Depth – 570 mm
    • Width – 660 mm
    • Height – 610 mm
    • Weight – 40 kg
    • Electricity – 220 V, 50 Hz, 350 Wt + 100 Wt per additional head
    • Compressed air – 6 bar, 7,4 l/min.
    • Operating temperature +10 - +40 0 С
    Warranty – 1 year
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