BGI100 Automatic glue tape lamination text_description
  • The desktop compact BGI100 equipment is for the smart card production according to the ISO 7816. It serves for the hotmelt tape application on the microchip film. There is the automatic feed for the tape and film.
    Operator can setup time, pressure, and temperatrure. There is the user friendly interface based on the touch screen. One can create and save up to 30 programs. It is possible to punch microchips with glue applied from the film on BGI154 equipment.

    BGI100a is the punch tool allowing to punch the hotmelt tape before lamination (glob top at the back of the chips).

    • Speed – up to 10000 CPH
    • Standard 35 mm film
    • Depth – 560 mm
    • Width – 1500 mm
    • Height – 1700 mm
    • Weight – 95 kg
    • Electricity – 220 V, 50 Hz, 250 Wt
    • Compressed air – 6 bar, 12 l/min.
    • Operating temperature +10 - +40 0 С
    • Warranty – 1 year
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