Entrust Sigma DS3

  • Guarantee
    36 months
    Overall dimensions
    length 44.20 cm x width 22.60 cm x height 22.90 cm
    Print Resolution
    up to 300 dpi for full color print up to 1200 dpi for monochrome print
    Printing capabilities
    Single or double sided
    Printing technology
    Tray capacity
    Loading tray – 125 cards (optional 200 cards) Unloading tray – 25 cards (optional 100 cards)
    Type and size of cards
    Card thickness-from 0.25 mm to 1.016 mm Card sizes-ID-1, CR-79
    Working environment
    Temperature 15°C - 35°C Humidity 20-80% (relative, non-condensing)
    5.49 kg; varies depending on options
    USB and Ethernet
    Скорость печати
    Full color printing: - one-sided-up to 250 cards per hour - double-sided-up to 180 cards per hour
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