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Complex of quality control and sorting of CISS cards

Complex of quality control and sorting of CISS cards
Otto Kuennecke's Quality Control and Sorting System for Plastic Cards (CISS) is an industrial equipment capable of operating 2-3 shifts every day.
Full description

General System description :

The CISS is a card inspection and sorting system for different applications. The CISS is espe-cially used in the following sectors:
1. As a sorting system to reorder cards from different card trays.
2. As a quality- and inspection system in order to monitor cards regarding quality, confor-mity with drafts (picture- and text files) and respectively errors in processing.
3. As a counting system, in order to stack a certain amount of cards in different trays.
4. As a testing system in order to compare personalized data and respectively verify data among each other and/or with a superior data system.
5. As a personalization system, in order to encode cards with certain information.

With its manifold functions the Card Inspection & Sorting System (CISS) optimises time con-suming and safety relevant production steps. Processes, which needed to be handled manually in the past will now be automatised.  Part of the basic functions is the inspection, the counting and the sorting mode. In combination with the DIALok Data Center and the DIALok Logistic Center the retrieved production data can be verified to 100%, written into a protocol, spe-cific cards can be separated and collated to criteria, which is freely definable via different reading devices. Therefore the CISS is compatible with card magazines of all common per-sonalisation systems.

The structure of the CISS is completely modular and consist of the following basic compo-nents and functions :
1. Supply module with the DIALok Control Center
2. Input module with 3 card feeding stations – upgradeable with various additional input modules
3. Function module for different reading – and personalisation options - upgradeable with various additional function modules
4. Output module with 3 card output hopper - upgradeable with various additional out-put modules

In addition to the basic components it will be possible to add the following options to each kind of configuration :
1. Post processing module – for different functions
2. DIALok Data Center – for communication with input files and network connection
3. DIALok Logistic Center – Network connection and communication with multiple input files and other production systems
Machine performance
up to 9000 cards per hour

Compressed air
6 bar

Acoustic noise level
room temperature 20-25 С relative humidity 60%

Power supply
3 phases, 400 V, 16 A

optimal climate conditions:
• 20 to 25°C room temperature
• 60 % relative humidity electrical connections:
• power connection 400 V AC
• 3 – phase current 16 A air supply:
• air connection with 6 bar
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