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Primus series handheld card counters

Primus series handheld card counters
Primus series handheld card counters are designed to work with various plastic and cardboard cards, as well as other flat objects, for example, with mail envelopes. All parts and assembly are made in Germany by Mictom..
Full description

The Primus C-12 is an industrial grade handheld counter designed to count standard white core cards & envelopes.  In addition to counting white core cards and envelopes, the C-12 can also count a limited range of color cores and evelopes, as well as, non-embossed and embossed cards making the C12 an ideal portable counting solution.

Key Benefits:

• Counting Accuracy
• Compact Design
• Accumulation Feature
• Multilingual Interface
• Ergonomic Design
• Rechargeable Battery

Three models of portable card counters are available
  • Primus C-12:
  • Primus C-12 - for recalculating opaque maps
  • Primus C-12 DT - for recalculation of non-transparent cards with the possibility of registering the results in a PC
  • Primus TC-12 DT - for converting transparent and opaque cards with the ability to register the results in a PC
Counters have the following capabilities:
  • summarize the counting results of each batch of cards up to a maximum of 9.999.999
  • work for both right-handers and left-handers due to the presence of two keys
  • long-term operation without recharging the battery, while performing up to 7000 card recalculations

Machine dimensions
Length: 150mm, Width: 70mm, Height: 30mm

PC interface

270 g

PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, polyester, cardboard, etc.

Operator interface
LCD and sound signaling

Card type
transparent, opaque, flat, embossed (embossed), with a black edge, blank cards made of multi-colored plastic, etc.

Card thickness
0.27-2 mm
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