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CountStar M

CountStar M
CountStar M – new unsurpassed model of the counter of plastic cards. The counting principle is the analysis of an image taken with a high-resolution digital camera.
Full description

CountStar M
programmable for new card types

  • standard white core card types
  • enhanced range of colored core card types
  • enhanced range of transparent / translucent card types
  • embossed, printed, blank
  • in high and low edge boxes
  • high counting speed of 1 sec. per box
  • programmable for new card types

  • Optional software upgrade packages to support process automation (industry 4.0) (for details see: SOFTWARE OPTIONS PDF)
  • Consistent User Interface achieved by scalability to different screen sizes
  • Individually adjustable sizes of control buttons and wording on the GUI (in certain limits)
  • Individually adaptable denomination of control elements on GUI (in certain limits)
  • Superior new digital image analysis software
  • New onboard state-of-the-art counting program developer tool to conveniently create new programs
    or to modify existing programs and save these onto the machine
  • Simple and very convenient machine operation by a protected 22 " high resolution touch-screen
  • Compensation of different card box bottom heights
  • Usage of superfast USB 3.0 camera technology
  • Accurate counts of a wide card type range; from regular card types to special card types
  • Counting of most card types through shrink-wrap (shrink-wrap must be tight + level of wrinkles minimised)
  • Fastest counting speed of 1 sec. per 500 cards box
  • Contactless counting process by state-of-the-art software analysis of high resolution image
  • Counts cards inside boxes which eliminates time consuming card loading / unloading processes
  • Convenient and fast card box loading and unloading
  • Rugged machine design guarantees a reliable, long-term performance in rough production environment
  • Very low power consumption
Card Format:    ID1 (53,98 x 85,6mm) landscape orientation
Card Types:    blank, coloured cores, most types of clear, translucent,      embossed etc.
Card Thickness:    ~ 0.40 mm - 5 mm (~ 16 mil. – 200 mil.)
Card Box Length:    max. 465 mm (18.3 inches)
Display:    22 " touch-screen
Control Unit / OS:    fanless, industrial PC, WIN 7 PRO 64 bit / WIN 10 IoT
Camera Type:    high resolution USB 3.0 line scan camera
Process:    contactless, most advanced digital image analysis software
Light Source:    LED bars
Interfaces/Ports:    4 x USB 3.0 / 1x Ethernet
Dimensions     690mm x 540mm x 520mm (W x D x H)
Weight:    48 kg
Operating Voltage:      AC 100V - 230V, 50Hz – 60Hz
Power Consumption:    130 W
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