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The HSM Luna EFT is an external hardware security module specifically designed for financial institutions.
Full description

• SafeNet’s current dedicated Payment HSM
• Card Issuance and Transaction Processing Security Functionality
• Positioned against Thales 8000/9000 series
• 1U rack-mount size/dimension
• Fast & high-assurance HSM card (common platform with Luna HSM line)
• RoHS compliant
• FIPS 140-2 level 3 certification (#1524)
• PCI-HSM approved
• APCA & Amex certification
• PIN/Key Mailer on Laser Printer
• USB ports for SW upgrades/key backups and PIN/Key Mailer Printing
Communications Interfaces
• Low Speed
• Async
• High Speed
• (Raw) Ethernet, TCP/IP over Ethernet
Performance Levels
• Low (60), Medium (140,280), High (1200, 1600)
• Visa PIN Verifies
Large Internal Key Store
HSM- and Host-stored Key Management
Different Command Sets
• Mark II, AMB, CAPS, Custom In-field Upgradeable
• Performance, Connectivity, Command Sets
Integration with many Payment products
Excellent price/performance proposition

Modern, up-to-date HSM architecture in 1U chassis
  • PCI-HSM and FIPS 140-2 level 3 certification
  • Flexible key management (HSM-stored key, host-stored keys or mix)
  • User-friendly & intuitive GUI-based administration and management
  • Large internal, configurable secure key storage (up to 9.999 slots per key type)
  • High performance throughput (up to 1600 tps)
  • In-field Upgradeability (functionalitly, performance, connectivity)
  • Combined Transaction Processing and Card Issuance/Personalisation support
  • Two NICs supporting fail-over and network redundancy (multi-pathing)
  • Smart Card based or Network-based Backup/Recovery of all (HSM-stored) Keys
  • Remote HSM administration
  • Multi-tenancy support (AES keys)
  • Device monitoring via SNMP v3
  • PCI-compliant auditing and logging
  • Comprehensive, Granular Load Sharing and Timeout/Error Handling (via host API)
  • No separate licenses, all included in standard package
  • Attractive pricing
  • Customization friendly
  • Great support and service

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