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BGI 058

BGI 058

3 wheel test along 1 axis for 1 card

Full description

This machine enables to realise the mechanical ISO test called “3 wheels”

  • Movement: ISO of 40 mm
  • Frequency: From 0.35Hz to 0.8 Hz (ISO: 0.5Hz)

  • Pressure: 3N and 8N (ISO: 8N)

  • Chip positions: ISO6 and ISO8

It allows performing tests going further than the norm for process characterization by adding extra weights (3N and 5N supplied).

Parameters :

  • Frequency programmable from 0.1Hz to 0.8Hz (by step of 0.1Hz),

  • Number of cycles programmable from 2 to 100 by steps,

  • Adjustment of the force applied on the chip by addition of extra weig ht,

  • Test front and back flipping the card holder (no adjustment), Immediate stop button

Warranty -1 year for parts and working except travel

CQM2020: TM-421 #8210#
ISO: 10373-1 5.22
In conformity with CE directives

Options :

  • Option al weights to reach a force up to 20N,

  • Integr ated interface for ATR test,

  • Reader for ATR test.

Required facilities
Power : from 100 to 240 V AC, 50 to 60Hz
Consumption : 110 VA max
Fuse 3.15 A

Depth : Cover closed : 274 mm
Cover open : 360 mm
Width : Cover closed : 432 mm
Height : Cover closed : 460 mm
Cover open : 740 mm
Weight : 14.5 Kg

No calibration required
Motion along the “z” axis on ball
bearings which minimizes rubbing

Accessories (optional)
Extra weights for : 7N
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