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Lauffer LC Single-Stack System LCL Lauffer - semi-automated

Lauffer LC Single-Stack System LCL Lauffer - semi-automated

Semi-automatic sheet loading system

Full description

Lauffer LCL presses are designed for laminating plastic cards onto sheet material.

For more than 30 years, Lauffer customers have successfully used this laminating machine, renowned for its reliability, durability and precision.

Main advantages:

• Modular system with the possibility of retrofitting

• Low maintenance costs

• PC control, modern diagnostics and remote support via ISDN or MODEM

• Minimum footprint

• Option "Vacuum"

All the most important parameters, such as temperature, pressure, cycle time, are set by the operator from the control panel. This means you can customize the optimal processing conditions for a variety of cardmaking materials such as ABS, PVC, PC, PET, PS, PE and PP.

Lauffer presses are ideal for the production of contactless chip cards.

Lauffer laminating presses have different board sizes to produce any card format (ID1, ID2 or ID3). Heating and cooling takes place with thermal oil, which ensures reliable distribution and temperature control. The range of presses includes a full range of machines - from laboratory presses to fully automatic laminating systems.

Lauffer plastic card presses are modular in configuration. Depending on your production requirements and the investment available, you can choose between 4 alternative equipment options.

Thanks to the modular design of all systems, you can start with a single column machine and then add additional modules to achieve increased productivity and complete process automation.

Press control

• PLC model Siemens S7

• PLC monitors and controls pressure, temperature, time and vacuum.

• Preselection of the pressure value with the possibility of its reduction.

• Preselection of heating and cooling modes.

• Programming with graphic elements.

• Graphical presentation of information on a monitor or printer.

Vacuum option

• Hermetically sealed press

• Valves for vacuum control

• Vacuum pump

• The hot press can be prepared for the vacuum function and vacuum added at a later stage.

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