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Otto Kuennecke DCS - automatic warehouse for plastic cards and passports

Otto Kuennecke DCS - automatic warehouse for plastic cards and passports
Otto Kuennecke offers a unique comprehensive solution for the automation of plastic cards storage.
Full description

The new vault DCS is a new development made by Otto Künnecke, with a modular design to fit all customer demands. Not only the existing markets but also markets close to ours with similar requirements. The systematic behind the name are DCS (Document Commissioning System) for documents like cards, passports/

The new vault DCS main modules are:

  • The main structure

  • The drawers

  • The robotic system to store or extract products/ shuttles

  • The main transport

  • The commissioning system

The system is completely modular and can be adjusted to the customers needs. It can use direct storage of products or indirect using shuttles or boxes. The robotic system can be used for one or multiple cabinets. The transport can be equipped anywhere – more likely on top of the system.


• For high secure documents like passports, ID cards and bank cards

• Width, length and height freely adjustable

• Adjustable and configurable for any surrounding and environment

• Can process more than 10.000 different documents and store them

• More than 1 million documents can be stored at the same time

• 100% secure and database-driven

• Database-System: SQL-Server

Incoming material:

• 100% quality control off all incoming documents

• Grouping, banding and labelling of different groups of documents

• Storage from prior connected machines or from boxes

• Magstripe encoding with product ID or reading of chip UID for further identification of each single card in the following process

Storage of documents

• Chaotic or fixed storage methods

• Storage in shuttles or directly on drawers

Outgoing material:

• Different ways of outgoing:

• Grouped with separation card and label

• Cross banded with label

• Rainbow decks for direct further processing in perso machines

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