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Printer Datacard CD820

Printer Datacard CD820
The CD820 printer by DataCard is designed for instant issuance of cards in bank branches, customer service enterprises and other places.
Full description

The printer model CD820 by DataCard is designed for instant issuance of cards in bank branches, customer service enterprises and other places.

The device is made taking into account all the latest security requirements of payment systems:

• the data of the magnetic stripe and the microcircuit of the card is transmitted to it only in encrypted form, encryption methods are Triple DES and AES-128 (Advanced Encryption Standard)

• organized access control to equipment using administrator and operator passwords

• during transportation the equipment is locked; to unlock the equipment, you need to dial a special code

• the printer is equipped with mechanical and electronic locks

• the printer can be screwed to the work surface using bolts

• if 6 trays for loading cards are selected as part of the equipment, then inside the device it is possible to install security alarm sensors, in particular a tilt sensor, and the sensors can be connected to the security system of the bank or service company where the embosser is installed

• it is possible to keep a log of actions with the equipment, which shows all the actions of the system user, starting from the most recent (what actions took place, the identifier of the user or users who started the action, and the date and time of the action)

• it is possible to maintain a print log, which contains a list of all requests received by the system, the date and time of receipt of the request, the time of receipt of the last update of the request, the current state of the request, the name of the user who made the original request

• printer card counters display the number of personalized cards and the number of rejected cards

The equipment has a unique set of functions:

• you can print full-color and monochrome images such as color photos, logos, as well as other images, such as signatures, bar codes using the dye-sublimation module on one or two sides of the card

• inside the device it is possible to store up to 6 types of different cards, while the user can see information on the presence of each type of cards in the system on the built-in display

• the printer is modular, for example, you can purchase it to work with magnetic stripe cards, and then add a module for smart cards

The hardware is compatible with CardWizard software.

Basic configuration

• loading cards with a capacity of 100 cards
• magnetic recording with encryption
• physical and electronic locks
• unloading into a drive with a capacity of 10 cards
• slot for rejected cards with a capacity of 10 cards
• smart cards (contact and contactless)
• graphic printing

Additional equipment

• loading of 6 types of cards from different drives, capacity of 1 drive - 100 cards
• tilt sensor
Machine dimensions
224 x 538 x 224 mm with 1 card tray 419 x 698 x 368 mm with 6 card trays

Windows 7, 8, Vista, 2008 Server, XP, 2003 Server

Operator interface
USB, Ethernet

5 kg with 1 card tray 15 kg with 6 card trays

Machine performance
195 cards / hour using 5-panel ink ribbon (YMCKT) 133 cards / hour using (YMCKT-K) 371 cards / hour using monochrome ink ribbon

Print resolution
300x1200 dpi 300x600 dpi 300x300 dpi

Card type
ISOID-1 / CR-80 Standard (Glossy PVC or other PVC coated plastics) Size: 85.6mm x 53.98mm Thickness: 0.25mm - 0.94mm

Power supply
220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
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