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Datаcard PB6500

Datаcard PB6500
The Datacard PB6500 complex is a modular high-performance equipment from Datacard, designed for applying various types of graphic and electronic personalization to passports.
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The Datacard® PB6500™ passport issuance system offers a no-compromise combination of advanced technology and a low total cost of ownership. Innovative laser engraving and color inkjet printing capabilities empower government agencies to elevate passport quality and provide strong lines of defense against sophisticated and ever-changing security threats. Consistent and efficient production, reduced booklet waste and true field modularity all contribute to consistently low operating costs and long-term investment protection.

The PB6500 system delivers a full complement of personalization capabilities, including Datacard® LinkJet™ security printing, Datacard® PersoCurve™ security feature, Datacard® LaserTact™ security feature, Datacard® Photo Optimization Software, laser ablation, CLI, MLI and 3D photo. The system offers a choice of traditional dye or fully pigmented inks. Because these elements are incredibly difficult to replicate, they can measurably improve document security. A variety of substrates can be used with laser engraving, including popular thin polycarbonate pages. Logical security features also provide strong protection for demographics, biometrics and other proprietary data — both in the personalization process and on the chip.



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