SPS and NI (Micropross) companies’ cooperation

  • 25 ноября
SPS uses NI (Micropross) tools at different stages of production, which functions 7 days per week. The company anticipate that the production volume will reach 600-800 mln per year soon. Their experience with Micropross solutions proved their reliability and durability. The company uses MP300 C3 to test the contact interface of our products for the contact interface of their products and the MP300 CL3 for the contactless side. It operates on a micromodule tape. At that moment of the card life, there is no antenna yet We connect the micromodules with needles. At that step, SPS controls the physical integrity of the micromodule and it makes prepersonalization. They use MP300MT1, MP300 MT2 and MP300 CL3s to test prelaminates too, a little bit later on the production process. At that stage, an antenna is connected to the chip. Those tools allow SPS to check the physical characteristics of the assembly by measuring resonance frequency. They are using a contactless test station at the R&D stage. This tool is installed in conformance laboratories.