Desktop Passport Laminators by Otto Kuennecke company

  • 22 октября
Otto Kuennecke company started the production of desktop passport laminators. It offers DPS-RAPID и DPS-RAPID Combi models, which laminate the paper-based data page. It does not affect contactless microchip and antenna at all, any chance of their damage is eliminated. One can apply holographic films 1-2 microns thick that protect data from changing or counterfeighting perfectly.
The metal plates provide the lamination with the uniform heating and pressure.
The plate temperature is 200 C.
The working speed is up to 8 seconds per page.
Consumables replacement down time is up to 1 minute.
There is a user friendly operator interface based on LCD with 3 buttons.

One can adjust:
  • Temperature
  • Lamination time
  • Cooling time