Qualification TR11.1 NFC Forum Test Suites

  • 12 августа
NI Company (former Micropross) announced that the NFC Forum had successfully qualified their NFC Forum Digital Protocol and LLCP test tool according to the Certification Release 11 with Test Release 11.1 (TR11.1), which is the latest applicable version that the NFC Forum has defined. This tool can from now on be used by the NFC Forum Authorized test laboratories to perform official certification of NFC devices and NFC tags.
This TR11.1 enhances the way the right implementation of the NFC Forum defined communications layers are tested, and therefore contributes to the improvement of the interoperability between NFC devices.
This TR11.1 qualification is a significant step in the direction of the upcoming CR12 test specification, which will be released at the end of 2019, positioning Ni on the right track for this major release.